The Future

By , October 13, 2012 5:38 pm

Talking about the Future: weak — sure — very sure

Have a look at different notions of the future in the short cartoon-movie:

Nell’s Wedding

 Print out the cartoon

See how her attitude changes from “weak” to “sure” to “very sure”.

Where do the characters

  • predict future events or talk about their expectations
  • make quick decisions
  • talk about intentions or plans
  • talk about fixed arrangements


What are they going to do? Comparing two notions

What are they going to do…? (2 worksheets) 

Talking about holiday plans

The kids need to hear the correct forms for “making plans” many times in order to form patterns in their brains.

The game “domino race” does this beautifully. Cut the cards (column 1+2  and columns 3+4 must stay together). Distribute the cards (one per student — two for volunteers if you have more cards than students). Give the kids some time to read their card and make sure they understand the sentences and can pronounce them.

Set a stopwatch timer on your phone or online. At your cue the first student reads out a QUESTION. The student with the matching answer reads the answer, and then reads out the question on their card. The students try to do this as quickly as possible. 

After the first round, mark the time they needed to complete the game on the board. Play the game again at the beginning of the next lesson and encourage the kids to get faster and beat their record. Do this 3-4 times at the beginning of your lessons.

You can use this game for all kinds of vocab and grammar. It’s a perfect communicative drill.

 Interpreting Signs

Do you think it will rain? 

Yes, just look at the clouds. It is going to rain any moment.

Interpreting signs: Flipflaps


Then learners design their own flipflaps.


Predicting the Future

What does the future have in store for your friends? Ask your Paper Fortune Tellers


More ideas for a little “predictions” workshop.


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