The Nightmare Club

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In the Nightmare Club series the  twelve-year old Annie Graves organizes cool sleepovers vor her friends. At each of these sleepovers one of thm has to tell a really scary, spooky, creepy story. 

The stories are short and easy to read. The illustrations help the learners to understand unknown expressions in the context. That way top down reading strategies are practiced.


The Nightmare Club series and workpackage for the learners.

The workpackage can be viewed as a flipbook and downloaded as a pdf. 

Our handout for the project (pdf)


Book Presentations

At the end of the project the students presented their books to the class. Each student created a display table with important items from the story. Then the  students circulated in the room and listened to each others’ presentations. Here are a few impressions from our presentation session. Click the images to see them in full size.