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A fun reading and writing project for intermediate learners.

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The TALL TALES project has been designed for lower intermediate learners.(A2-B1)  In this project the learners practice top-down reading strategies,  speaking (“campfire” story telling”) and writing skills. The language focus in this project lies mainly on comparisons (as tall as a skyscraper, the toughest, roughest cowboy…).

Text types: apart from narrative writing, which is the most obvious genre for this topic, the students also practice writing other genres such as letters, diaries, interviews, newspaper articles or creative texts like songs and poems and cartoons. The writing project is based on the concept of the “empty sheet” (Didaktik des leeren Blattes, Zehnpfennig), where students show their understanding of a text that they have read or heard in any way they choose.

Have a look at some of the booklets in detail:

Congratulations, 3b — your booklets are brilliant   😉


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