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You learn speaking by speaking.

Speaking activities in class are certainly one of the most important things good language teachers will do regularly with their students. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to implement this. Large group sizes and time restraints often get in the way. For this reason, speaking homework is a great solution.

In my classes students produce a written and an oral product for each topic. The speaking task is always recorded and shared with the class.

I use clyp.it or vocaroo for audio recordings

and flipgrid for video recordings.

Another useful tool for sharing videos and audio recordings in Glogster.

Have a look at the following speaking tasks, produced by my students.

Year 1: My favorite day

My dream house

A commercial for  ecotourism in Sweden. Click on the arrow to listen to the radio commercial prodced by the students in year 5.

Ecotourism in Brighton. Click on the arrow between the two footprints to listen to the radio commercial produced by year 5 students.

More ideas:

go to my page on “Sound only”

go to my page on: Digital storytelling

go to https://www.readingiscool.xyz for more speaking activities.

There you’ll  find book trailers produced by my students (ages 13 to 16)

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