Great Literature for Advanced Learners

The following novels have worked well in my classes. They have been grouped according to topics or themes that I have taught in my courses, but can of course be used in other combinations.

Modern Classics

An ideal projects for learners who want to try real adult literature in a strongly guided project.

Big Names In Literature

My favorite contemporary writers. Well-loved by students of years 7-8

Painters And Their Models

Beautiful novels around the theme of arts. What roles does art play in different characters’ lives?

New York in Literature

We read these to prepare for our class-trip to the USA.

Our Trip to Scotland

Our Trip to Kansas City

Modern Drama Project

Scandals in Literature

Literature for an elective course. Free Speech or Safe Reading?

The Other Side Of The Story

Literature for an elective course on women’s literature

America The Melting Pot?

Multi-ethnic and multi-cultural views of the US

Existence Is Absurd

Literature for an elective course

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