Dominoes are a great way to start a lesson











While playing the game the learners are processing correct language related to a topic or grammar point that you are trying to teach.

Below you will find several examples of dominoes for A1-A2 learners:


  • Hand out 1 card per student. If you have fewer students than cards, hand out 2 cards to some students.
  • Set a stopwatch (on your mobile phone) 
  • One student starts by reading the  question on his or her card.
  • The student with the matching answer quickly reads the answer and then reads out the question on the same card.
  • Goal of the game: to complete the whole domino race as quickly as possible. The teacher writes down the time it took to complete the race. In one of the following lessons, the class tries to beat this record (or plays against another class.)

In some sets the learners can choose between a Yes and  a NO answer, according to their true experiences. Always encourage this choice — it adds some personalization to the grammar and vocab activities and helps the learners link the new language to their true experiences — and networks in their brains.

Topics and objectives

Finding out about your new friends (asking basic questions)
Daily routines
Plans for your X-mas holidays 
Holiday plans (going to future)
After the holidays (past tense)
Home and other revision