Popular books for years 3 and 4

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The books on this page have worked well with kids in years 3 and 4.   It is not always easy to classify books according to class and age levels, therefore my recommendations overlap (years 2-3  — and years 3-4). What is more important is to find books that appeal to the kids and are relatively easy to read. Mixing harder and easier books in a project is not a problem at all. The kids will go for what looks interesting and cool, not for the shortest and easiest book. When you are looking for appropriate books for your year 3-4 classes, also check out my collection for years 2-3-4.
Adventure Books for boys and girls alike
The Giggler Treatment
Storm Runners
Clockwork (Four Tales…)
The Boy Who Lost His Face
Ganging Up
Total Football
Stone Cold
Goosebumps: The Haunted School  
Percy Jackson Series  
The Percy Jackson books are more demanding and longer, but many of my learners loved them and read one volume after the other.
39 Clues Series  
This series works very well as a class project where each student reads one of the books. They can be read in any order. The books are demanding because there are so many characters and you never know what to think of them and whether to trust them or not. I have used this series in a year 3 (AHS, high achievers) and in a year 4 MS class. It worked very well in both settings. Very weak readers in a MS class were offered books from a different series (I survided) and could do the same tasks.

Find my 39 Clues project page here


These books have been popular with girls

Judy Bloom: Blubber
Judy Bloom:  Otherwise Known as Sheily the Great
Soul Surfer
The Two Princesses of Bamarre
The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

All four books

Because of Winn- Dixie
The Ramona Series

Warriors Series

Both boys and girls love the warrior cats and devour one volume after the other. Make sure to buy the whole set to satisfy their hunger for more.

Artemis Fowl

Twelve-year-old villain, Artemis Fowl, is the most ingenious criminal mastermind in history. Fat books for read-a-holics.




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