Big Nate Project

Find the books here.

The BIG NATE series is similar to The Diary of a Wimpy kid. It’s a great series for lower secondary kids where they encounter all the types of characters they know in real life: nerds, losers, great friends, bullies, know-it-alls… 

In this project the kids worked in groups and read one of the books. We have produced a set of tasks for each of the books. Then the kids presented their books in groups.

Find the worksheets for the different books here.

We also practiced some grammar here: 

Notion: General ExperienceForm: Present Perfect Tense

Worksheet for Speaking and Writing: Annual Award Ceremony at Nate’s School

You might also want to check out the BIG NATE Comicbook series. These books work well for weaker or younger learners. They can be great stepping stones into reading.

Add a little writing project to your Big Nate reading project. Students can create their own Big Nate comic books with the free COMIX By U! app.