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Storybooks that have worked well in my classes

These are some of the most popular books in my beginners classes (years 1 and 2).  All the books are linked to Amazon so you can look at them more closely and  read the reviews. Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow me to show their cover pictures any longer, so you’ll need to open the links to see the books.

For some of the books you will also find copyable teaching units designed by me or by students of my course “Teaching Literature and Culture”.


These books will lead to interesting discussions and teach the kids to think outside the box.

The Most Magnificent Thing

What Do You Do With a Problem?


It’s OK to Be Different

The Important Book

Fish is Fish

It’s OK to Make Mistakes

Giraffes Can’t Dance

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

Beautiful Oops

The following books are popular with the kids. They contain fun stories that the kids can relate to.


Walter the Farting Dog


Nessie, The Lock Ness Monster

Room on the Broom

The Tough Princess

Greyfriars Bobby

Teaching materials for this book

The Doorbell Rang

Fred, the Dancing Frog

The Witch Next Door

Monster Pet

Teaching Materials by Anna Havinga


Diary of a Wombat

Teaching Materials by Sabrina Huber



A Werewolf Named Oliver James


A Perfect Day


Life on Mars


I Can Handle It


Waiting for Pumpsie

Shark Lady


Malala’s Magic Pencil

Most People

Mog, the Forgetful Cat

The Tiger Who Came for Tea


If You Want to See a Whale

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Iggy Peck, Architect

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World

Wilma Unlimited

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Strictly No Elephants

The Big Umbrella

The Invisible Boy


Jungle Grumble

Student materials


All the Babette Cole picture books are excellent. The stories and illustrations are fun and lead to good discussions. If you cannot find any new copies of the books, buy used ones. They are great.


The Trouble with Mom

Prince Cinders

The Trouble with Gran

Teaching Materials by Melanie Gutmann

The Smelly Book

A sample entry written by a year 1 student

Princess Smartypants

Animals scare me stiff

King Change a lot



More fun books …


The Snagglegrollop

Activity Worksheet by LP

Winnie the Witch Series

Teaching Unit by Doris Fallent

Michaela Fuchs’ Materials for

Winnie in Winter

Anna Melcher’s Materials for

Winnie’s Magic Wand

The Gruffalo

Activities by Sabine Boisits

Little Miss Scatterbrain

Teaching Materials by Johanna Spitzer

Dear Mr Blueberry


Summary written by a year 1 student

Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping

 The Magic Finger

Marvin Gets Mad

Teaching Unit by Armin Schmidhofer

Teaching Unit, Part 2 (pictures)



A Bad Case of Stripes


Teaching Unit by Verena Vorraber

Celebrity body-parts matching boys

Celebrity body-parts matching girls

Colors and shapes memory game

Zack’s Alligator

Zack’s Alligator goes to School


Books for years 2 and 3

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