Who was…

Extraordinary people project: WHO WAS…?

In this reading project the learners choos an interesting personality and read their biography. The book series covers countless famous personalities from all areas of life: Artists, Explorers, Writers, Inventors and Scientists, Athletes, Musicians, Influential Women, Famous African Americans and Civil Rights Leaders…

All these personalities had to overcome serious obstacles on their way to success. 


Find all the books here.




At the end of the project the students presented the extraordinary persons that they had read about. Each student prepared a display with objects that play an important role in the life of their person. They also showed the books and some pictures. 

Half the class was presenting at their tables, while the other half of the class was moving from table to table and listening to the individual presentations. The “visitors” took notes on their “visitor’s sheets”. We used A4 paper (front and back) for this purpose.

Later the learners used the collected information for a final writing task.






Final Writing Task: The students wrote a letter to our international Erasmus partners. See the task here.

More Research

For even more research about some of these famous personalities, visit the following page.

There you will find interesting videos and short texts about famous people and their lives.