Teacher’s Conference: an awareness raising activity to understand the role of adverbs and adjectives.

Another awareness raising activity: Here the students sort sentences containing adverbs or adjectives under two headings: How they DO something // or What they ARE like? Then they use the new language in personal examples.

Adverb Dominoes: This is a very basic activity to be played in small groups. The students put the dominoes in the correct order. In this version there is more than one correct solution, sometimes the students end up with two extra pieces that do not fit in. This isn’t a problem. Ideally the students start with a verb-adverb combination and then look for the matching name: e.g.: claps wildly — who claps wildly…. Claire West claps wildly….

By starting with the verb-adverb combination this pattern is repeated many times while the learners look for a fitting name.

Manner Mimes: and Manner Mimes (easy version) A proceduralization activity that will help students understand the concept of adverbs. Learners act out/ mime in what way characters perform certain activities: e.g.: Tom is shouting angrily, Sally is speaking quietly…

Tip for printing: Print the game double-sided directly from your printer menu to make sure the front and back pages match.

This game is based on a written exercise in David Newby,   Grammar for Communication: Exercises and Creative ActivitiesBundesverlag 1992, p.116

How did you do it? A personalized exercise.

Somebody is watching you.  A short writing task.

Rappers of the world: Get active : Watch this video and then produce your own rap. 

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