The Refugee Experience

This project has been created in order to help intermediate learners understand refugees and their experiences and needs a bit better. The project consists of five steps: 1. bookchoosing, 2. reading the books at home, 3. online research tasks about the recent refugee crisis (to be done while the learners are reading the books). 4. post-reading tasks and  5. group presentations.

Click on the following picture to get to the teaching materials for all these steps.


Book choosing handout   or Book choosing cards

Refugee Boy

I am Malala

A Long Walk to Water


The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner series (all 5 books)

In the Sea there are Crocodiles

Little Bee

The Other Hand



Little Bee and The Other Hand are 2 editions of the same book. They are more suitable for advanced readers.













Learning about the Refugee Crisis: A short project to help the learners understand the refugee experience and the reasons for the refugee crisis. This project can be used while the learners are reading the novels (at home).

Understanding what it means to be a refugee :  Researching background info

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