Reading diaries

Reading diaries for all ages

Have a look at examples of reading diaries and see how the learners’ understanding and responses grow over time.




Intermediate Learners

Click on the images to open these reading diaries.


The above reading diaries worked very well in my AHS classes. Many of my students at Mittelschule need a bit more guidance and scaffolding to come up with good ideas for their reading diaries. My colleague and I have therefore created a new version of reading diaries that guide the kids step by step towards more creative and more personal responses. 

Have a look at this sample version of our reading diary:

Have a look at this sample version of our reading diary. If you would like to use this reading diary with your learners, you can order it through the Austrian Schulbuchaktion (Unterrichtsmittel eigener Wahl)

For further questions contact us at:

c r e a t i v e . l a n g u a g e t e a c h e r s (at) g m a i l . c o m.

Here you can find a few sample entries produced by year 1 and year 2 kids.




Advanced Learners