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The following examples of young adult literature can be read from year 4 or 5 on, depending on the reading skills of the students. All the books deal with topics that are interesting and relevant for teenage learners. Don’t forget that the students are always given a choice — I haven’t found the perfect class-reader yet that would appeal to boys and girls, to read-a-holics and non-readers and to lovers of fantasy or love-stories alike.

I have taught some of these books in themed projects, such as “Teens in Trouble”, “Nazi Germany/ The Second World War”, “Cultural Values: Intercultural Awareness”, “Civil Rights”, …

In other reading projects I have offered a variety of books that appeal to the different tastes and needs in a class.

New project:  New-04

The Refugee Experience

This project has been created in order to help intermediate learners understand refugees and their experiences and needs a bit better. The project consists of five steps: 1. bookchoosing, 2. reading the books at home, 3. online research tasks about the recent refugee crisis (to be done while the learners are reading the books). 4. post-reading tasks and  5. group presentations.

Click on the following picture to get to the teaching materials for all these steps.


Intercultural Awareness: Preparing for a class-trip

The project booklet: print with booklet setting to produce A5 booklets.

Hot new books

John Green
Wintergirls Number the Stars

Great Books for a Civil Rights Project

Monster Durango Street Spite Fences
Roll of Thunder Harriet Tubman The Secret Life of Bees

Noughts and Crosses

The absolutely true diary


Cultural Values: Intercultural Awareness

Several projects dealing with cultural awareness.

Crossing Borders

( A joint project of year 3 GIBS and the Socio-cultural competence class at KF-Uni Graz)

A quick tour of the project (a short powerpoint presentation)

Project Materials for the girls (Pölzleitner)

Project Materials for boys (Pölzleitner)

Discussion cards for this project

Project Materials: Pölzleitner (year 5, 2009)

Modern English Teacher: Paper about this project

Description of the project: Jennifer Schumm (year 5, 2009)


The Absolutely True Diary… Two Moons Goy Crazy
Ask Me No Questions La Linea  The War Between the Classes
If You Come Softly Ten Things I Hate .. Children of the River

Teens In Trouble

For this project I present 5 or 6  of the following books. Then the students work in their reading groups with one of the general project packages that you can find on the intro page on “Young Adult Literature Projects”. All these books are real page-turners. Some of the declared “non-readers” in my classes have told me that they actually hadn’t known books could be so good. 😎

Boot Camp

Asphalt Tribe

also called

Can’t Get There From Here

Gangsta Rap
Grass Give A Boy A Gun If I Grow Up
Monster Holes Jumped In

Introducing Monster


Addiction — Eating Disorders – Psychological Troubles

Cut Speak Go Ask Alice


The Curious Incident of

the Boy in the Nighttime

Freak the Mighty

The Man WhoLoved Clowns

Colin Fischer Bluefish Wonder

The project handout for the students

Have a look at some of the best group presentations here:

Mo and Benni
Caro, Pauli, Laura and Rosa
 Sophie, Lena, Isi

Nazi Germany in the Second World War

The Wave The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Presentation Materials

Ausländer The Last Train from Kummersdorf

The Book Thief
The Diary of Anne Frank Maus  Number the Stars
The Last Black Cat  The Boy at the Top of the Mountain




Storm Runners

Utopia — Dystopia (Trilogies and Quartets)

Hunger Games

Catching Fire









Box Set




The Giver

Gathering Blue

The Messenger

The Giver (Set)

War Experiences



Teaching Materials Teaching Materials


The Alchemyst

Teaching Materials

 The Magician

The Sorceress


 His Dark Materials


More great books…



Girls love these for private reading

 Nicolas Sparks

The Notebook

 Dear John

 A Walk to Remember

 Lucky One

 A Bend in the Road

 At First Sight

 Three Weeks WithMy Brother

 The Guardian

 The Choice

Excellent but really fat books for read-a-holics


New Moon


Breaking Dawn

Harry Potter 1

 Harry Potter 2

 Harry Potter 3

 Harry Potter 4

 Harry Potter 5

 Harry Potter 6

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