Popular Books for Young Adult Readers

Addiction — Eating Disorders – Psychological Troubles

Cut    Speak 

Go Ask Alice  Wintergirls
Freaky Green Eyes  


War Experiences

The Kabul Beauty School Childsoldier
Teaching Materials Teaching Materials


Fantasy: The Alchemyst Series


Girls love these books

Nicolas Sparks books  
The Selection Series  

Real page-turners that combine a romantic love story with elements of civil war in a dystopian society. Girls who read the 1st volume do not stop until they have read the whole series.

When some girls in my class found the books and recommended them to me I hesitated for a while because they look soooo kitchy. They convinced me to read volume one — and I reacted just like them, reading the whole series.


John Green books  



Stargirl Ophelia


Excellent but really fat books for read-a-holics

Twilight Series



The Harry Potter Series



Be careful when suggesting the Harry Potter books. Most students have seen the films or read them in German. If they are motivated to read them in English, it’s great, but if they choose these books because they want to cheat — that’s not what we want. 

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