Intermediate Readers

At this level my learners are able to read and enjoy “real” books written for their age group. They continue with their reading diaries and book-groups as described in “Basic Activities for Beginners” and  “Lower Intermediate Readers”.

In addition to the private reading we continue to have regular book-projects where I present 4-5 different books and each student chooses one of them.  When choosing books for these projects I include very different books that will satisfy all the different tastes and reading abilities of the students in one class. It doesn’t matter if one book is much shorter than another one, or if one book is more difficult. The students will choose the book that is appropriate for them. I’d rather they read a short, easy book and enjoy it, than forcing them to read a book that is too difficult and  frustrates them.

We still use the same book-group activities as described in “Lower Intermediate Readers”. In this age-group the creative booklets are a very popular format. In these booklets the students can be very creative and relate to the stories and characters in very personal ways. In times of AI plagiarized work, these booklets are a wonderful alternative — especially if they are written in class. Check out my page on these creative booklets.

Have a look at my suggestions on the page “popular books for years 3-4



Young Adult Bookprojects for years 4-5-6-(and higher)

Later on,  the books in one project often  deal with a common theme, such as racism, teens in trouble …

Some of these projects are highly guided and each group gets a work package designed for their book. At other times the projects are very open and the students work with the discussion prompt cards in their reading groups. All reading projects end with a round of creative group presentations that will hopefully make the other students interested in reading some of the books as well.

The following project materials have worked very well:


Cultural Values Project A  project we did in cooperation with the Cultural Awareness Class of Jennifer Schumm at the Uni Graz. My students focused more on the personal values they found in the books, the uni-students worked more on the cultural values. Then we shared our findings in a round of joint presentations. Read more about this project here.

More projects are coming soon…

For a list of my students’ most popular books and projects go here:

On this page you will also find worksheets and activities that have been designed for the individual books.

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