Testing vocabulary

Testing Vocabulary

Obviously testing vocabulary should also be done in meaningful contexts rather than decontextualized matching tasks.  Many of the vocab training apps that are now available for phones or computers do only this. You are asked to match a word and its paraphrase. These exercises lack all the qualities of brain-friendly learning activities. They do NOT help the learners to create any multi-dimensional networks in their brains.

The best way to test your learners’ range of vocabulary is to have them write a meaningful text about the topic that you have been working on. You’ll immediately see their range of vocabulary in that area, and you’ll see whether they can USE the words meaningfully, correctly and appropriately (i.e. use the right register).

If you really feel you have to test specific words, give the learners enough context.

I have found the following ideas about testing vocabulary quite useful.


Testing Vocabulary:   an interesting presentation by Magdalena Jonathan.    More coming soon…