Winnie the Witch

Winnie the Witch

In the Winnie the Witch project the students of year 2 have read about Winnie’s adventures in the Young Fiction books by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul.

We started with the picture book series, just as a warm-up activity. Then each student chose one of the volumes from the Young Fiction Winnie books. 

Find all the Winnie books here.    On this website you will find the different levels of Winnie books. Choose PICTURE books or JOUNG FICTION, depending on the level of your learners.

Winnie Picture books on Amazon

Winnie Young Fiction books on Amazon

These books are quite challenging for ESL students because Winnie is using a lot of witches slang. The project could also be done based on the picture book series — these are just as “cool” and will work well with lower intermediate learners. (A2+)

 More cool things on the Winnie and Wilbur website.

After reading one or two books from this series each student produced a Winnie the Witch booklet. They wrote about Winnie’s house, Winnie’s hobbies, her favorite food, her pets and her fashion tastes and other things…

Have a look at some fun pages from this project. The focus here was writing for fluency and communicating ideas — accuracy was not our main concern. The learners showed their creative use of language and new vocabulary that they had picked up from their reading.


Examples produced by my bilingual students:

Winnie’s fashion catalog by Sara and Nicole

Click on the image to open the file.














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