Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense



Video-clip: Teaching “Duration” to lower intermediate students (year 3)

Worksheet for the learners

How long have you…

Analyzing this lesson based on the EPOSTL (European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages)

Since 1908: a cardgame to practice duration of activities and states

How long have you had it?  Boardgame

How loooong have you (paper strips competition)



Awareness raising activity

Domino Race: Have you ever…

Experience: More practice activities 

A writing task to practice this notion: applying for a job 

Who are you today? Swapping identities game

The following videos can be used to talk about changes. They can be used for awareness raising. In this case the learners watch the whole video, including the explanation of the changes that they will probably have missed. They are then asked to watch again and notice how the speaker is using the tenses.

The videos can also be used for pracice sessions when the learners have already understood the concept/notion of “CHANGE”. In that case, you only show the first part of the videos and have the students discuss what changes they have noticed.



Recent Events: What has happened? (picture activity)

Recent Activities: Why are you so happy? What have you been doing?


Changes and Completion:

Changes and Completion: awareness raising and practice worksheet

Before and After: What has changed?











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